De Tomaso Mangusta Becker Mexico Modifications for iPod

Recently I have been doing quite a lot of work on Jonathan Root's apple green 'Goose - 8MA1216. This car has never had any kind of radio in it from new and came with the lovely Ghia radio blanking plate mounted in the binnacle.

Jonathan Root found an early 70s (non-working) Becker Mexico Cassette on eBay and asked me to install it in the binnacle and make it light up with the dash lights. Jonathan Root doesn't listen to the radio, but does like to be able to play his iPod.

The brief was simple: "I want to look at the Becker but use the iPod to play my music, and I do not want to have speakers in the doors".

There are a few ways of doing this, the cheapest way is to use an FM iPod transmitter. This, however, is not very good sound quality and the Becker is broken anyway. The other way is to buy one of Becker's brand new retro Mexico stereos that has iPod connectivity, but looks like the original Mexico from the 70s. This we quickly dismissed because I have seen one in a Dino and it did not look old.

Jonathan Root found a very small Chinese amp on eBay that had iPod connectivity. He also bought some Alpine speakers with tweeters and an under-the-seat type of Kenwood subwoofer.

I now had to install all of this in the car and make it disappear, or nearly. Here's how I did it.