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Frequently asked questions about Harly Wax

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If you can’t find the answer you are looking for from the FAQ below and would like advice about using Harly Wax, for example, specifically for your car, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Is Harly Wax suitable for… My brand new car? My classic car? Metallic paint?

Yes, Harly Wax is suitable for absolutely all paint types, from pre-war nitrocellulose to the latest clear coat finishes found on all new cars. My friend even uses Harly Wax on his Yamaha piano!

Does Harly Wax turn into white powder as I buff it off?

Does Harly Wax leave white stains on black bumpers, rubber and matt painted surfaces?

No, Harly Wax contains no powder at all and does not mark or stain rubber or matt black surfaces.

Can Harly Wax remove scratches?

No, Harly Wax is a non-abrasive pure carnauba wax, it ‘feeds’ the paint and produces a wet look finish.

How do I apply Harly Wax? How easy is Harly Wax to buff off?

The best way to describe the experience of applying Harly Wax is that it's a bit like taking butter from your fridge and rubbing it into your paintwork. It would cover the whole panel and glide over it with no effort at all. But unlike butter, Harly Wax will haze in about 5 minutes and then buff off with no effort, to produce the most unbelievable wet look shine.

Harly Wax produces an effective non-stick barrier that prevents dirt and insects from bonding to your car's paintwork and also makes it much easier to wash. For this reason we recommend waxing the front number plate and headlights as well.

Can I apply Harly Wax using just my fingers?

Yes, like all pure carnauba waxes, you can rub your fingers into the surface of the wax and use your body heat to melt it. Some Harly Wax customers use this technique to apply it around awkward areas. Most, however, choose to apply it with the applicator pad that is supplied with each tin of wax.

Will Harly Wax help prevent my paint from fading?

Yes, Harly Wax is produced from pure No.1 yellow carnauba wax and as such acts as a very strong natural sunscreen. Harly Wax, if used a few times a year will help prevent your paint from fading and will also do the same for your headlights and rear lights. Modern cars now have plastic headlights that fade very quickly, so it’s really important that they receive protection from the sun.

Carnauba wax evolved to protect the leaves of the Copernicia cerifera palm tree from the sun in the harsh conditions of North Brazil. This is why it's so effective at protecting your vehicle’s paint finish. Mother Nature’s secret formula!

Does the Harly Wax shine improve each time I use it?

Yes, Harly Wax builds on the surface and improves the depth of shine each time you use it (within reason).

What other things can I use Harly Wax for besides vehicle paintwork?

Harly Wax was developed specifically to enhance and protect vehicle paintwork, but over the years our customers have found it to be very effective for creating a shine and protection on a wide range of materials. The following list has been created from customer feedback.

Musical instruments: Pianos, guitars, drum kits, etc. We are told by one of our piano-playing customers that a good coat of Harly wax makes greasy finger prints very easy to buff off with a microfibre cloth. Their piano also shines better than it did when it was new!

Antique furniture. Harly Wax is suitable for a wide range of wood finishes. Antique restorers rate it very highly indeed.

Pinball machines. Harly Wax has long been known in the USA as the ultimate wax to apply to the playing field. It makes the surface super slippery and the ball goes mad!

Modern kitchens with shiny cabinets, fridges, etc.

Marble and granite.

Plastics and acrylics.

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If you care about it, Harly Wax it!